President’s Address

Otunba Kenny Adebambo

president igsosa uk

74/79 Class-set, olubi house

I am humbled and privileged to serve as the President of this great association (IGSOSAUK) which was started 28 years ago at No 10D Sandridge Court, Queens Drive. London N4.

The primary aim of the group of old students that initiated the formation of the union was mainly to visit each other from time to time, purely for socialising. Invariably, looking back many years later, we can only thank God for all the achievements recorded by the association to date.

That initial purpose of ‘just visiting and socialising’ almost became formalised with the recruitment of more members. The mission then became; to promote, safeguard and improve the interest, welfare, and status of members of the association. Also, to foster a lifelong relationship between our alma mater and its old students. These aims and objectives became a reality and well established through succeeding Executive Officers. Successive Executive Officers who are dedicated volunteers from all walks of life and former students at Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan, have successfully managed the association.

IGSOSAUK comprises ex-students who make a difference every day. You will find them in industries and all walks of life. They are entrepreneurs, technologists, medical doctors, engineers, teachers, social workers, accountants, civil servants, nurses, and many other occupations. It is a blessing to have different age groups that cut across many generations. To the glory of God, our oldest member is an octogenarian and still actively involved in the association. Therefore, we call on all IGS graduates living in any part of the United Kingdom to get more involved and become registered members of our Alumni Association. As Alumni provide a vital link between the community, industry and the school, many benefits are available to all alumni.

Getting involved may take many forms, such as attending monthly meetings, varied social events, meeting up with old friends, taking advantage of all benefits afforded to Alumni members and more. You can also get involved by becoming an officer of the Alumni Association or may want to serve in various sub-committees – we need you.

Long live IGS! Up School.